Staging Your Home For a Cold Weather Sale

You may be noticing a distinct chill to the air with the end of the year creeping up on us; with the change in the weather there should be a change in the way that you stage your home for prospective buyers.

The staging that takes place in the warmer months can have a much different focus than the staging that takes place in the fall and winter due to the different ways that home owners utilize their space at different times of the year. In the warmer months the focus is often on outdoor living spaces while in the cooler months when people want to feel cozy and warm in their homes.

There are a few things to consider when staging your home for the cold weather; not only do you want to make sure that any prospective buyers feel welcome and at home but you also want to protect your home from the coming and going of people through your house.

To set a good mood for cold weather home tours, consider what would make you feel good coming in from the cold or the damp into a welcoming home. Probably the first thing that you’d want to notice when you first come in is warmth; so don’t skimp on the temperature when you know that your home is going to be shown. Don’t make your home steaming hot, not everyone is comfortable in a very warm home, but it should be pleasant. If you have a gas fireplace, consider turning it on to give your home that additional ambiance.

Another good mood setter that is popular with home stagers is that of smell; incorporate this with baking if you have the time to give your home an even more welcoming feel. Even if you have to buy bakery items like cookies to set out for your „guests“, you can pair them up with some hot mulled cider on the countertop to set up warm and comforting smell in your kitchen.

Don’t forget to take care of your home with all of these prospective buyers coming through to tour as well. Make sure that you have a welcome mat outside of the front door so that buyers and agents can brush their shoes off; don’t be afraid to ask agents to have their clients remove their shoes when they come through as well. If you want buyers to take their shoes off though, make sure you have a clear area for them to do that with places for them to hang coats and a seat to assist them in putting on and taking off their shoes.

Remember that the best way to make buyers feel at home when they’re touring your house this fall and winter season is to make them feel like welcome guests in your warm, cozy home.

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