Real Estate Buyer Leads – How To Find More Leads

There is immense potential in real estate and the market is usually moving upwards. I started my real estate company around 4 years back and went through the motions of disappointment, stress, and de-motivation before I could actually find success staring me in the eye. Some people will find success as a cliché because it is interpreted differently by different people. For me, success translates into vertical and lateral growth with increase in profits and market stronghold.

In the last 4 years, I have understood that real estate buyer leads are of prime importance because it drives growth and success in the real estate industry. There are many real estate agents who believe that a lead means a real estate buyer or seller but for it is a little different. I firmly believe that a lead is someone or anyone who will be able to use my services today, tomorrow and even after 4 years. The process doesn’t finish when you find a lead, the process actually starts after that. It is not necessary that your lead will get converted to a client and I have experienced the trauma of not being able to convert leads into sales because convincing a client and selling a property is one of the most difficult aspects of real estate.

If you look at the real estate market, you will find that only 20% of real estate agents have been successful in the industry and 80% real estate agents have either given up on their dream or joined some other industry. This is because the 80% have not realized that a lead is a prospective client and hence should be treated like one. I have clients who came to me after speaking with 5 to 10 other real estate agents. The same clients have provided me with more leads. Honestly speaking, I don’t have a magic wand nor do I have any special ability. All I have done is walk the extra mile for my leads and they automatically got converted into clients. It is all about understanding the buyers psyche. The result is that today I am among the 20%!

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