City’s Offerings to Residents of Cincinnati Apartments

Cincinnati has a lot to offer to the people living in the city with a rising economy, educational facilities, and residential tax abatement programs. However, before you choose to buy or rent Cincinnati apartments, you must always try to make sure that you get all the convenience you want at affordable costs.

Are you contemplating a move to Cincinnati? This city in Ohio has a lot to offer if you plan to have one of the coziest Cincinnati apartments and settle down. But what could be the top reasons for you to choose the city for relocation? Well, here are some that you might have in mind:

1. Cincinnati can boast of being home to some of the major business companies like Procter and Gamble, American Financial Group, the Kroger Company, Great American Insurance Company, Cincinnati Bell and many more; so, you might hope to have a promising career in the city.

2. If you want to have a career in academic line, what can be better than having the University of Cincinnati as your employer? The university is the biggest employer in Cincinnati.

3. Cincinnati has some of the best educational institutions including the Cincinnati Christian University, Xavier University, Cincinnati State Technical And Community College, Art Institute Of Cincinnati, etc. If you want to pursue your higher studies or you want your children to study in one of these top institutions, you could want to move to the city.

4. A residential tax abatement program has been started by the city to attract homebuyers in the city. This can go a long way in helping you save money while you buy a property here. So, this too, could be a reason for you to get good Cincinnati Ohio apartments to live in.

There are many more reasons for which you could consider buying or renting apartments in Cincinnati. For instance, the city has very good transportation system with Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, the Metro city bus system, inter-city rail services, a river ferry, and numerous bridges.

Here are a few things you must look for in Cincinnati Ohio apartments before you buy or rent them:

• Check out the locations of the Cincinnati apartments you have short-listed; before you invest it is important to consider the best location you can possibly have.

• Make sure that your home is near to market places, like Findley Market or the Fresh market, so that you get all the necessary tings at a stone’s throw away distance.

• Ensure that the location is in proximity to the schools and colleges so that your kids do not have to travel long distances.

• Check out the modes of transport available near at hand so that you do not have problems in traveling to places.

• If you are going to get Cincinnati apartments for rent, clarify the rental and monetary matters beforehand.

• Whether you rent a house or buy it, there should be proper insulation systems.

• Before you make the ultimate choice, you must clarify with the owner whether the roads just in front of your house remain blocked with snow during the winter days; you must always try to find a house that is convenient for you in this respect.

• Summers are accompanied by significant rainfalls; so, the roof and walls must not leak. Check that before you get Cincinnati apartments for rent.

• See that the home you choose to rent or to purchase is affordable to you.

Once you have decided on a place, the legal matters must be sorted with the house-owner to avoid any confusion.

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Sexual Harassment – A Symptom of Power Play

Ever since women have entered the workforce in large numbers, the problem of Sexual Harassment has gained a momentum of its own. Though women may be highly educated, have the requisite qualifications and work shoulder to shoulder with men, almost 60% are subjected to unwelcome sexually determined behaviour by the opposite sex. Even women doctors are not exempt, and many are harassed by senior doctors, consultants, interns and male patients. In educational institutions, about 55% of students complain of harassment by teachers or fellow students. One cannot walk on the roads or travel by public transport without being harassed by bullies or eve teasers. Sexual harassment cuts across all socio-economic barriers.

Gender discrimination and role stereotypes are the reason for such behaviour. Some men feel that the biological roles of wife, mother and home maker are violated by women who step out of their homes for employment.

Women too have come out with extreme ideas of playing „super woman.“ Some aspects of Feminism make men feel distinctly uneasy and paranoid. They try to get even through sexual harassment. After all, they too are victims of stereotyping. Most men think that „good women“ don’t get sexually harassed. But „bad women“ invite trouble by their behaviour and dress.

In the context of this rapidly changing socio-economic scenario, more women are likely to seek employment outside their homes. It is therefore time for society to remember that women are human beings too, and must be allowed the dignity of their rights.

What is sexual harassment?

Every woman is entitled to her own private space. When that space is violated by verbal, non verbal or physical forms of sexually suggestive behaviour, it amounts to harassment. This covers a range of behaviour starting from unwelcome comments about a person’s body to sexual abuse and sexual assault. The harasser may be openly sexist in his remarks or present a veneer of respectability, but make sly passes or propositions when the victim is alone.

Types of harassment.

o Predators get their thrills by humiliating women either by innuendos, crank calls, eve teasing or phone sex. They make sexually coloured remarks or unwanted physical contact by pinching, pawing, kissing or groping.

o The most common type is the quid pro quo harassment in which sexual favours are expected in exchange for jobs, promotions, grades or recommendations. This is gross misuse of power by employers, teachers, politicians or film directors with ‚casting couch‘ requirements.

o Some men establish a mentor-like relationship with the victim by pretending to offer professional or academic counseling. But soon their sexual intentions surface.

o Serial harassers are masters at the game. They strike in private so that there are no witnesses. It is just the victim’s word against theirs.

o Some use harassment as an ego boost. Victims are subjected to porn films, nude pictures and suggestive language.

o Harassment can be used as a revenge tactic if a person feels rejected or snubbed. These bullies make physical or verbal advances, use obscene language, crack vulgar jokes and create an unpleasant environment.

o There are stalkers who watch, follow, flash or bombard the victim with letters or e-mails.

o Many operate in groups, harassing women in buses, trains or on the roads by pulling their clothes, or touching their breasts or buttocks.

Effects of sexual harassment.

Psychologists are of the opinion that chronic sexual harassment has the same effect of rape or sexual assault. The message that harassers send out is that „You are a non-person. You don’t matter. Therefore I am free to harass you.“

– Many victims begin to show poor performance at work or in studies

– Some relocate to another city or job or college.

– The victim feels humiliated and is frustrated that she has no control of the situation.

– Depression, anxiety, headache or fatigue may follow. Some may go mad or attempt suicide.

How to deal with sexual harassment.

This is a punishable offence and each country has its own laws. Every woman should be aware of her rights under the law. Sexual harassment should be recognized and not ignored. The victim must put up resistance and show her distaste for such behaviour. She can have an open talk with her harasser and tell him to lay off.

This may lead to unpleasant repercussions especially if he is the boss. He may start picking faults with her work, send her memos, or withhold recommendations and make life miserable for her.

The victim should not give into self doubt and lose confidence in herself. By failing to challenge sexual harassment she can undermine her position. She should continue to go to work or college. But she should also document incidents of harassment, date, time, place and people involved and witnesses. She should make a complaint in writing with specific details, to whoever is in the supervising cadre.

It is good to talk to women who have been similarly harassed and form a mutually supportive group. There are many women’s groups and NGOs who will take up the victim’s cause if the management does not come to her help.

If harassment of a serious nature takes place in a public place, the matter should be brought to the attention of the police.

Responsibility of the employer.

– Employers both in public and private sector must take steps to prevent sexual harassment.

– There should be a definite policy on this matter, which should be published and circulated to all employees.

– A procedure for filing complaints should be mapped out. This should be time bound, and the victim should be assured of confidentiality and protection.

– A Grievance Committee with a woman at its head should review the complaint. The committee should be comprised of 50% women members where possible.

– Disciplinary action should be taken against the harasser. If his behaviour falls under criminal law, he should be reported to the police.

Any woman who complains about sexual harassment must steel herself for a backlash. She risks hostility, isolation, denigration of character or even physical harm.

It must be society’s aim and responsibility to eliminate sexual harassment at all levels and in all situations, to preserve the dignity of women.

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Being a Teenager Can Be the Best Time in Your Life

Being a teenager can be the best time in your life. High Schools have energy and life geared around teenagers, giving them the opportunity to gain the skills they will need to be successful adults. Sometimes are we are journey through this maze called life we find the stumbling stones that turn into mountains. One-day a teen’s life is normal and carefree and the next day it appears dark and gloomy.

Life for a teen can change with the introduction of a new friend. Life can change with a friend moving away. For some teens, the freedom to drive a can alters their whole life. Maybe the teen gets a part time job and that changes their life. It is possible that a child will meet someone online who can influence them dramatically. Regardless of what the influence, once we identify a troubled teen an intervention must take place as quickly as possible. The longer the child explores the forbidden lifestyle the harder it will be to reel them back in. In fact sometimes, there is no reeling them back they are lost forever. 

There are many programs for troubled teens. Some communities have systems in place to help the child, parents, and other family members impacted by the changing behavior of the troubled teen. Parents and teens have only to look at the local churches, or for parenting groups through the local hospitals or behavior health organizations. Parents must recognized as early as possible that the child is in need of help, because the sooner the better.

There does come a time when the behavior is out of control and the child and the parent must part ways for a while. There are programs to help with that transition also. Parents must think about their child. They must figure out what will be the best fit for their personalities. The parents must think about the other children in the home. As parents, you are setting an example for everyone. If you do nothing, you may regret that with the next child.

There are military programs; there are girl’s homes and boy’s homes. There are programs just for the weekend and programs for weeks or months at a time. There are schools designed to assist with these children in state and out of state. With a little research, parents and teens may find the program just right for their situation.

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How Great Real Estate Agents Create The DEAL?

When, someone decides, to, either buy real estate/ a house, or sell his home, he can, either, try to take care of this, himself, or hire, a quality, real estate professional, to assist him, and, hopefully, bring – about, and create the DEAL! Although, there are many advantages of hiring the right agent, for you, and your personal situation, and priorities, effectively, marketing it, and, creating, a meeting – of – the – minds, in order to bring – about the best, possible, deal, is one of the most important ones! After, over 15 years, as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, in the State of New York, I believe, strongly, effective representation requires the right combinations of skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise, as well as genuine empathy, and commitment! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why, it matters.

1. Delve deeply; deliver; determine; dreams: Many people strongly identify, with the so – called, American Dream, of home ownership, and the greatest agents, focus on ensuring this dream, does not become a nightmare, and everything goes smoothly, and properly, throughout the transaction period! To do so, requires, a degree of customizing, rather than, pursuing, a, one – size – fits – all, approach, and, consistently, under – promising, while over – delivering! Experience, and expertise, must help, to determine, the best pricing, marketing, and approach, to create the best, possible deal!

2. Empathy; efforts; emphasis; excellence; endurance: It’s important to effectively listen, and, consistently, learn, in order to proceed, with the utmost degree of genuine empathy! He uses his efforts, to emphasize, creating a meeting – of – the – minds, pursuing professionalism, and excellence! There are usually obstacles, along this path, so one must be ready, to proceed, with patience, and endurance!

3. Attitude; aptitude; actions; attention; align: How one aligns, a positive, can – do, attitude, with a well – developed, relevant aptitude, and skill – set, often determines, whether his actions, are as beneficial, as possible! When agent and client, work together, as a team, it permits them, to pay keen attention, and provide, extraordinary service!

4. Listen; learn; leading: A quality agent effectively listens, far – more than he speaks, so he becomes capable of learning, what his client’s goals, priorities, needs, and objectives, may be! In essence, it is a professional’s duty, to be leading, and assisting his client, to achieve quality objectives, and results!

There are thousands of real estate agents, so, a wise homeowner, or buyer, will choose, someone, who understands, the needs, and creates the DEAL! Since, for most, the value of their house, represents, their single – largest asset, doesn’t it make sense?

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Utah County Grants and Down Payment Assistance

Utah County has announced that they have received new funding for Utah County’s ‚Loan to Own‘ Program. What this means is, if you are looking for a home then there is down payment assistance to help cover the down payment on the purchase of the home. Now you can enjoy the great rates FHA has to offer and have ‚Loan to Own‘ cover all or most of the 3.5% down payment.

This down payment assistance is a zero interest loan with no payments, so you get the best mortgage possible. With the exception of a VA loan (reserved for the military), this may be one of the best loan options available. These funds are on a „first come, first serve basis“ and are not guaranteed to last. Application is necessary to receive funds.

Loan to Own is a Utah County Program designed to assist First Time Home Buyers get into homes. A First Time Home Buyer not only includes „First Time Buyer“ but also includes anyone who has not purchased or own a home in the last three years. Even if your home was foreclosed and it has been three years since then, you may qualify.

This programs offers up to $10,000 in Utah Down payment assistance towards the purchase of a home. These funds can be applied to the down payment and whatever is remaining can be used to lower the loan amount.

Example 1: A buyer who was a First Time Home Buyer qualified for a Utah FHA loan to purchase a home of $190,000. Typically, the down payment for FHA is 3.5% or $6,650. The home qualifies for $10,000, so of the $6,650 was applied to the down payment and the remaining $3,350 was applied to lower the loan amount.

Example 2: A couple was foreclosed on in the spring of 2009 and had to file bankruptcy, so they started over. Within the last year the got small lines of credit which they paid on time. Since their credit was improving and it has been three years since they owned a home, they now qualified for the program as First Time Home Buyers. Within 6 weeks, they were now home owners again with no money down and the best FHA rate available.

You will be surprised when you find out you can buy a home, several people are. Some situations take a little more work, some are ready now. You never know until you do a Utah FHA prequalification.

All of Utah County qualifies for ‚Loan to Own‘ with the exception of Alpine, Woodland Hills, Elk Ridge and Provo (Provo has a different grant program up to $20,000, see Provo Home Grants)

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A Buyer’s Guide to Contemporary White Sleigh Beds

The bedroom is an important part of your home that requires much consideration while designing and renovating the interiors. This is where you spend a considerable part of your time, relaxing after a tiring day. Hence, your bedroom should exude comfort, plush and opulence. Let your creative spirits go free and design the bedroom of your dreams with full size white sleigh beds, matching with your interiors. To transform your private space into a warm and cozy place, you will need to weigh your options and buy just the right furniture and bed sets.

When you are seeking ultimate comfort and luxury in a stylish way, opt for the white sleigh beds for your bedroom. These bedroom sets are not only classy looking, but also traditional. These beds are usually made of mahogany, cherry, oak or hardwood for strength. First-rate construction is their most special feature. Some of the other unique features of the sleigh beds include:

  • LS metal brackets and a bar in the centre for support
  • The legs are made of solid wood for support
  • They mostly have maple feet
  • They have a traditional look
  • The entire bed is covered with white colored twill fabric
  • They also consist of padded foam having high density

The Santa Barbara Sleigh has a slightly low profile than the normal bed sets available in the market. They are basically made of tropical mindi wood that is kiln dried. It boasts a sable finish. The metal fittings provide a high level of durability and stability.

Isabella white sleigh beds are the perfect choice for little girls. It comes with exciting floral patterns and cute white carvings, making it look very girlish. These beds are not only comfortable but also provide a heavenly look to the room. You can also get the optional nightstand to go with it.

Brookland Sleigh is a yet another popular collection of white sleigh beds. They boast a modern look lulled with luxury and style. These beds are usually made of hardwood, and are perfectly covered with stylish brown leather cover for better comfort.

Annabelle Sleigh is the perfect choice for people who sport a contemporary taste. They are made of iron material and exhibit a very sleek and stylish look. They are perfectly suited for small sized rooms to make it look spacious.

The sleigh beds are usually made of Mahogany wood, which makes them hard and bug proof. While choosing your bed, it is always crucial to make the right choice of woods and the natural wood finishes.

You can also purchase several decorative items such as white bedding, night stands, a traditional canopy, and privacy drapes. You can decorate your bed with several images and patterns to make it look more attractive.

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Hartford Connecticut Market Conditions

This is a quick look to see what has been happening in Hartford for single family residential sales over the past year.

To find out what has been occurring in Hartford data from the Connecticut Multiple Listing Service was utilized. Although not all sales use this service, the majority of arms length transactions due go through this process. The use of the MLS also weeds out family transactions and auctions sales which would tend to skew market value indicators due to the nature of these transfers.

FannieMae has developed an analysis for appraisers to use to give a view of the market for a specific property. The idea is to see how prices have changed over the past year, what is happening with absorption rates and for houses currently for sale. Although it often results in to limited statistical information when targeting an individual property type within a neighborhood, it can be very helpful in determining what is happening with a town overall. Hartford for the most part does have large enough neighborhoods to develop an individual analysis for now this is an overall view of the city.

Firstly sales are still showing some declining in numbers. The first 6 months showed 123 sales. that total went down some for the 3 months period after that with 43 sales. Keep in mind that the first figure used is for a 6 month period versus the second which is half that, so that would correlate to 86 sales over a six month period. Another consideration is that this three month period includes three of the slowest months of the year. That figure grew to 58 sales for the last three month period. So there has been a decline in sales of 6% from the first six months.

While the number of sales have declined slightly, the absorption rate (time it would take for all current sales on market to sell at the current sales rate) has decreased to 19.3 per month from 20.3. With the current number of listings it would take 11.9 months to sell them, also an increase from 10.5 months.

Despite these factors prices have actually increased 3.7% from $133,000 to $138,000. The increase appears to have all occurred within the last three months as the prior three months also showed a median sales price of $133,000.

Marketing time for sales has increased from 27 days for the first six months to 55 day3 months.. Some caution should be given to these figures as they do not reflect prior listings that have expired and relisted, and only reflect their current listings marketing time. On market properties days on the market have shown increase from 53 days to 74, which would be expected considering the increase in listings.

The percentage of sales price to listing price has decreased slightly from 96.72% to 96.43%. This appears to be an indication that well priced properties are still moving while those that are over priced are not. The fact that there is less then a 4% difference between asking price and sales price strongly suggests that well priced properties are selling and close to their asking price while other properties are not moving at all.

The inconsistent information for Hartford shows a market in flux. Part of the explanation for the increase in prices combined with an increase in inventory and marketing time is that a lower percentage of the market may be distressed sales which is a good sign for future trends.

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What Is a Real Estate CRM?

If you are in real estate marketing and sales, you have probably heard the term Real Estate CRM. Do you know what a CRM is and how to use one to make your business more profitable?

A CRM is simply a piece of software that is designed specifically for Customer Relationship Management. CRM software made for realty professionals usually includes a heavy reliance on email autoresponder marketing techniques to keep in touch and nurture your relationship with leads, clients, and potential return clients.

Using a CRM package usually starts with a lead capture website. While there is an art and science to lead capture, the basic process consists of offering a website visitor something of value in return for their contact information. The item of value may be a free report such as a digital download, a book, or access to an MLS home search tool so buyers can search for properties.

Once a lead makes contact with an agent, the CRM is configured to keep in touch using autoresponders, also called email drip campaigns. A series of emails can be written in advance and sent to leads in a fixed sequence to nurture their relationship with the agent and build trust.

At some point during the process, calls to action are conveyed to the lead to help convert their email contact, which is less personal, into a phone call, which is more likely to result in a sale. Agents who receive a phone call from such a qualified lead should be able to escalate the relationship into a face to face meeting and/or buyers agreement to begin the real estate search process.

From the agent’s perspective, a real estate CRM consists of not only the software to automate the lead nurturing process, but the content in the emails that does the heavy lifting of developing the relationship. The agent typically receives regular updates from the software about the leads being captured into the system, as well as tasks that need to be performed by the agent that cannot be automated.

For example, studies have shown that a phone call during the process (perhaps one that comes after an automated email message that tells a lead to expect a call the next day) greatly enhance the lead conversion rates. The bottom line is that the success rate of marketing using a CRM always comes from blend of sales automations technology, human-written content, and well-placed follow-ups and calls to action during the sales process. A well-designed real estate CRM can boost the conversion rates and sales numbers for real estate agents dramatically.

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Featured Location – Villajoyosa, Alicante, Spain

Located 30 kilometres north of Alicante on the Costa Blanca, the town of Villajoyosa lies at the mouth of the River Sella. Colourful, vibrant and decidedly Spanish, Villajoyosa (literally ‚joyful town‘) is situated just south of Benidorm and is sandwiched between the mountains and the sea.

A bustling fishing port, the distinctive, brightly painted facades of the town’s houses were designed to guide the fishermen home from sea. Steeped in history, this is one of the few towns on the Costa Blanca that remains undiscovered, and property here is some of the most competitively priced in southern Spain.

Why Villajoyosa?

Villajoyosa has a colourful history, with the Romans building the first settlement here, but today the feel is overtly Spanish. The town has retained many traditional features, such as its fish market, and there are a number of restaurants along the harbour that serve some of the best seafood in the region. The town is also known for its production of chocolate. The old town has been declared a historic site, and it’s here that you’ll find the multi-coloured houses, Villajoyosa’s gothic church and a number of Roman bridges.

Only 10 kilometres from Benidorm, residents can enjoy the perks of being close to such a major town, while avoiding the tourists that inundate the resort in summer. Couple this with friendly residents, a welcoming local community and the fabulous weather (the temperature rarely falls below 16 degrees Celsius) and you’re looking at a fantastic destination.

The scenery is stunning, with a mountainous backdrop and surrounding citrus fruit plantations, as well as olive, carob and almond trees. The town is home to one of the region’s best fiestas, the festival of the Moors and Christians, which culminates in a colourful parade with fireworks. There are also a number of picture-book beaches, with talcum powder sand and clear blue waters. These include Playa Centro de la Vila, Playa Paraiso, Playa Bol Nou, and further afield, Torre and Estudiantes.

Where to buy

In Villajoyosa itself, average house prices range from 170,000 Euros to 300,000 Euros, depending on proximity to the city centre or beach. Villas are fetching roughly 350,000 to 800,000 Euros, again depending on the location. It’s possible to pick up a one bedroom apartment for as little as 85,000 Euros, while a two bedroom townhouse will cost you 110,000 Euros, and a country house as little as 133,000 Euros. Travel further north and you’ll come across Cala Finestrat, a cove in the borough of Villajoyosa that’s close to Benidorm’s Poniente Beach.

Cala Finestrat is a stunning resort, with a wide, sandy beach and shallow waters, making it perfect for families. It’s beaches have won the EU coveted Blue Flag every year since 1998. Enjoying its own special micro-climate, Cala Finestrat is sheltered from the southerly winds by the El Puig Campana Mountains.These are just a few kilometres away, so as well as snorkelling, scuba diving and beach sports, you can also enjoy mountain activities such as rock climbing, cycling and hiking. It’s also only one kilometre from Benidorm and three kilometres from Villajoyosa, although there are more local amenities and attractions close at hand.

In terms of property, there are mainly apartments and villas for sale. The cost of a two bedroom apartment varies from 146,000 Euros up to 150,000 Euros, while an average two bedroom villa close to the beach will cost around 255,000 Euros.

The property market

The town offers a range of properties to suit every budget, from inexpensive apartments to luxury cliff-top villas. There are a handful of developments springing up in the town, but not enough to damage the environment or spoil the coastal area.

During the last five years, property has more than doubled in value, and in some cases tripled, appreciating by as much as 100 to 150 per cent in some areas. Thanks to its proximity to Benidorm, with all its golf courses and attractions, there’s no sign of this trend slowing, especially as more people discover the area. It’s predicted that the market will continue to grow by between 15 to 20 per cent over the coming year.

Typical properties

In this area you will find something to suit every budget, with prices ranging from 115,000 Euros in Villajoyosa to over 1,000,000 Euros for a villa in Cala Finestrat. Apartments and villas are much more abundant than townhouses. Restoration projects are currently underway to repair and maintain traditional village houses, and a scattering of new developments are being built on the outskirts of the town.

The rentals market

Being close to Benidorm, there’s scope to secure a healthy rental income from a property, depending on where it is located and how close it is to the beach and amenities. If a property is well marketed and in a premium location, for example on the beachfront, it’s possible to secure an annual income of roughly 10 per cent of it’s sales value. For the average property, a yield of 7 per cent is more likely.

There’s been a rise in the number of people investing in buy-to-let property in and around Villajoyosa. Given that the tourist industry is growing, and that there are major renovations and development works being carried out on the seafront and old town, including the building of a theatre, swimming pool and football stadium, it’s likely that the next few years will see a rise in rental demand.

Living there

Villajoyosa is more popular with Spanish buyers than foreign investors, although the demand from overseas buyers is increasing. Those who purchase here tend to be mostly British and Norwegian, along with some Belgians. Buyers tend to be aged between 40 and 60, and are looking for apartments and villas.

The town is dominated by its local Spanish residents and life is very traditional, with fishing and the fish market central to Villajoyosa’s economy. Tourism is a growing industry, but for those looking to buy, be aware that despite being very close to Benidorm, life here is a very different proposition.

The town’s amenities are currently limited, but the development of the seafront and other investments means that facilities will improve. However, this situation is easy to endure – it’s reputed that the sun shines more in Villajoyosa than in any other part of the Costa Blanca.

The expat community is also on the increase, and given that Benidorm is just down the road, you shouldn’t feel too isolated. Couple this with it’s unique Spanish features and traditional lifestyle, it’s easy to appreciate why Villajoyosa is a ‚joyful town‘.

Steve Murphy and Christine Dawson moved to the Costa Blanca in 2004. They left behind their pub, ‚The Rising Sun‘ in Sidmouth, and moved to Venta la Nuza, close to Villajoyosa, where they purchased a villa. At first they found it difficult to settle and adjust, having been used to running a business and keeping busy.

However, this all changed when they purchased ‚The Bodegon‘ in Villajoyosa itself. This hole-in-the-wall pub helped them settle into life in Spain, and they now spend their time with Christine working behind the bar and Steve beavering away in the kitchen, producing his British ‚pub grub‘ of liver and onions and a ploughman’s lunch. „The pub has taken off really well,“ says Christine, „not only do we attract the tourists, but many of our clients are locals.“

Costa Blanca statistics

Population Villajoyosa: 23,430

Population Alicante: 1,300,000

British Homeowners: 350,000

Foreign population: 15-20%

GDP Growth: 1.8%

Inflation: 2.4%

Unemployment rate: 3%

Length of coastline: 160kms

Languages spoken: Castilian and Valenciano Spanish

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Weary of Looking at Houses for Sale in Cork, Ireland?

And what about when you do eventually manage to get the details of a couple of suitable looking properties for sale in Cork (going by the agent’s details at least!) – which haven’t also gone `Sale Agreed‘ almost as soon as you hear about them – you set off to the viewings in excited anticipation of at last finding your `dream home‘ only to be bitterly disappointed when you discover that they are either located miles from anywhere (shops, buses, trains, schools, etc.) next door to a smelly pig farm or are slap-bang in the middle of a busy through-road!

Not to mention the sheer waste of your precious time, effort and money criss-crossing the county (or even the oceans if you’re still living abroad whilst looking at suitable houses for sale in Cork!

From the `wild and wooly‘ areas of Bantry & Glengarriff in West Cork, south east to the vibrant towns of Kinsale & Clonakilty or heading north to Cork City itself, Blarney and Mallow, Cork is a very large county with an abundance of differing styles as well as prices of property to view.

With so much physical ground to cover, where you might easily have to drive for 2-3 hours between viewings, what a relief it would be if you could instead instruct independent house hunters to do the whole property searching and buying process on your behalf.

Appointing a reliable, independent firm of house hunters to act on your behalf will take all the `drudge‘ out of doing the rounds of estate agents/auctioneers and/or searching the property website portals into the wee small hours in the hope of unearthing that `property jewel‘ before anybody else finds it.

By appointing an independent house hunter to act on your behalf – who has also experienced the house-buying process in Ireland themselves – will pay huge dividends down the road as they will be best placed to save you time and money when negotiating the best possible price for your dream home.

Again, because of the wide diversity of property types, sizes and locations, etc. in Cork, asking prices for properties can vary enormously. From the dizzy heights of several million euro for the larger detached houses in and around the Kinsale & Cork City areas to the more modestly priced country cottages around Glangariff, Garrettstown and Skibbereen – with prices reducing accordingly for smaller, semi-detached and terraced properties more often found in the larger urbanisations such as Carrigaline, Douglas, Wilton and Middleton.

From the older, more `challenging‘ properties to the newly-built less demanding ones, a knowledgable house hunter will have learned invaluable lessons along the way as to what to watch out for when purchasing a property in Ireland.

Naturally, all the usual `caveats‘ apply to house buying in Cork – starting with the three most important factors to consider when buying anywhere: „Location, Location, Location“. Right through to the perhaps less well known elements noticeable to the untrained eye such as structural condition, accurate market values, etc.

Initial consultation/meeting

This is your chance to provide as much information as you can so that your house hunters will know exactly what you are looking for in your `dream home‘ in Cork and, most importantly, that you are eligible to purchase a property in Ireland. They will discuss your needs and also advise on practical issues such as local schools, shops, travel links, etc. This should be a free, no-obligation consultation.

Previewing and viewings

Using your brief as a guideline, and once the `paperwork‘ has been completed, your property search agent will then search the Cork housing market on your behalf doing all the legwork for you – including previewing suitable properties that fit your requirements. Your house hunter should then draw-up a short-list of the most suitable properties for you to view – always accompanied by one of their team – as well as offering additional helpful advice as needed.

Negotiations and acquisitions

Your appointed independent house hunters will take care of the negotiations, bargaining as hard as possible on your behalf, to obtain the best possible price to secure your dream house in an extremely competitive market.

Hassle-free conveyancing

Because the Principals of the business will have experienced the Irish house-buying process personally they will also be able to put you in touch with a wide range of reliable professionals and trades-people with whom they have forged long-standing relationships should you need them.

For example: Solicitors, Financial Advisors, Architects, Surveyors, Plumbers, Painters, Decorators, Roofers, Structural Engineers, Electricians, Gardeners and Removal Companies.

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