Generate Real Estate Leads Easily With These Tips

Generation of real estate leads has gone digital. With different lead generation tools and some mobile marketing apps, you might feel overwhelmed. So, how can you decide which tools to add to your strategy on lead generation to attract or nurture potential prospects?

Concentrate your core strategy on the basics to real estate marketing. Methods that are tried and true are ageless and should still part of your plan even if they are dressed up for the digital consumers.


It’s absolutely worth investing in high quality professional videos to showcase yourself as a real estate agent. Buying a house is often the biggest purchase an individual will make in her or his lifetime and he or she likes to work with the one who has traits they trust like personality and authenticity. They’re also looking to see if you’re the agent they like to work with, so make sure to put your best face forward. Some agents create YouTube videos to show expertise and knowledge blended with their relatable and honest style. Videos may humanize an individual much more than the static site profile. Numerous realtors showcase the area’s beauty they specialize in on videos. Videos also bring a high ROI and have proven to be important marketing technique to generate leads.

Client Testimonials

You cannot beat a passionate, heartfelt statement from satisfied clients. Reviews and testimonials must definitely be part of your presence online. Video testimonials are a perfect so some potential sellers and buyers can resonate with that individual. If you do not have video capability, there are lots of ways to show your happy customers. Make a page on your social media or website to share testimonials and share them to bigger sites as well. Sellers and buyers will appreciate the customer’s honesty and have high probability to reach out.

Social Media

It is highly recommended to use social media. Facebook is one of the most dominant communication forms across the globe and the paid ad platforms are cost-effective way to generate some real estate leads. Use this when targeting your core demographic. Majority of marketers include Facebook strategies in marketing plans and you should also. It is a worthwhile, practical advertising investment that would pay off when generating some new leads. Although you do not spend money on the ads, you may still improve generation of leads on Facebook with the use of fresh content, engagement, and optimization.

Real Estate Lead Capture Forms

Majority of people used to look for homes for sale in a newspaper, yet now a lot of consumers start their home search over the internet. Having some forms on your site for lead generation is a good way to bring in the new business. It’s one of the best lead-generating strategies, yet never forget to ensure that your site is fresh and updated so people would keep visiting and you can boost your repeat traffic.


It can really improve your online presence and show your expertise as a real estate agent. Use this to communicate your grasp of everything related real estate consistently. Never forget to end your blog with effective call to action fill out the form for lead generation or make phone calls.

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What Everyone Ought To Know About Become a Realtor

Now it is your new-found desire to do precisely that. Why stop there? Why not go all the way to the leading and end up being a leading realtor in your city or town? That definitely is practical.

There are things you ought to understand, like how to end up being a realtor to start with. That is exactly what we will go over right here and now. Stay tuned!

Of all; do you have any principle of how tough you will require to work to even start, let alone reach the leading tier?

This is not some castle in the air trend that individuals may have a passive interest in. Offering or purchasing residential or commercial property is normally the greatest purchase an individual will make in their whole life.

Do not believe you are going to make a million dollars overnight. To begin with, you will require an extensive education in real estate from a credible college or university.

That in itself takes some time. You should pass a hard test with an exceptional rating (not simply passing by the skin of your teeth.) When you are finished with all of the education you require some real experience.

It could be an obstacle to search for a coach with the time, experience, and education needed to teach you the ropes. This is another element of being a realtor that will take a while to end up being knowledgeable at.

Next, your ego is going to take a beating. That is because you will certainly need to catch a comprehensive background check, frequently fingerprinting, and a variety of concerns from potential customers who understand you are simply starting your profession.

All of this is needed to show you are credible and truthful. While there is no official test for being of terrific character, this is likewise a requirement in preparation for constructing an excellent track record in business.

Another ego-bruising incident will be the consistent requirement to show your age, especially if you look young. This may not appear reasonable; however it is a truth, you need to be at least eighteen years of age to end up being a realtor at all.

One last point we will discuss is that before you start; you should identify just how much time you mean to take into your task.

Will this be a full-time occupation for you or simply a weekend pastime? The next concern to ask yourself is; do you have a real enthusiasm for the real estate world, with all of the downs and ups you will experience?

Then real estate is most likely not the appropriate market for you to be in if you are reluctant about the responses to any of these concerns.

Congratulations on your success in ending up being a Realtor. Passing the test is a terrific achievement. You should have a pat on the back for your success.

Now that you have your license it is time to truly start and find out some pointers on how to end up being a Realtor in the business of real estate.

Possibly you have the expectation whatever will now simply fall in location and in no time at all you will be an effective Realtor.

You have an excellent coach, a terrific workplace, a phone, a computer system and you are ready to go simply let the phone start sounding.

It might not be simply that simple. You will discover soon in the midst of all the aid offered to you a basketful of consumers is most likely not part of the offer.

Every other real estate representative in the area and even in your workplace is searching for the very same customer leads you are. This can get to be each fending for their own and you too most likely will discover you will have to produce your own leads and customers.

Roll up your sleeves it is time to get to work. You most likely have lots of concerns going through your ideas at this time. What works? What does not work? Just how much will that cost? Is it efficient? What is my target audience? What do I do?

Data reveals that roughly 90% of real estate customers start the search online. They take a seat at their computer system and begin looking for what is readily available.

Where do you believe is a great beginning location for marketing your real estate service as you end up being a Realtor? Yes, that is right, in the house of your prospective customers by way of online marketing.

The house purchaser publications and papers will need to take a backseat to online web marketing if you wish to get back on the radar of possible customers as you start to end up being a Realtor.

Now that the concern of where to begin has been responded to, the next concern is how do I get into the world of online marketing?

Just how much is it going to cost? To get going you can establish some standard web marketing strategy without needing to get a loan to do so.

There are more costly devices and innovations you can integrate after you are much better developed.

Regularly the expense of establishing a web marketing strategy can in fact cost less than a paper ad. A cost-effective marketing strategy is essential.

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How Realtors Can Use A Website to Increase Leads – Homeward Bound

People rely more and more on the internet for shopping. It’s a fact that the percentage of people who have bought something on the internet is growing. Even those wary of the internet are beginning to test the waters.

But what is really amazing is that the internet is being used more and more for large and expensive items. Automobiles, large appliances and even airplanes are for sale in cyberspace.

So does it make sense that realtors can use the internet for their business? Of course it makes sense! It not only makes sense, it gives realtors a leading edge on the market.

Where My Thoughts Linger

People are using the internet to list their houses for sale. They are not professional realtors and don’t know how to maximize their selling price. And yet online real estate sales are successful. If in doubt, you can visit any online auction site and find thousands of listings by owner.

So if a private individual can successfully use the internet to sell a house, imagine the possibilities for selling real estate if you are a professional with an understanding of the market.

– Get potential leads on people planning to move to the area – those who thoughts are already on their new home

– Make your commercial listings known to potential investors around the world

– Create a unique real estate identity that people can trust

– Search engine optimize your website so you come out ahead of the pack on the browsers

– Take advantage of online marketing opportunities to get your listings noticed

– Become known as the local professional who has all the necessary information about the area

– Include stories and references that potential leads can use to verify honesty and integrity

When people are moving to a realtors area from a distance place, one of their major concerns is finding a real estate agent who is

1) knowledgeable,

2) interested in their goals and

3) will work to find the right properties.

Many wait until they actually move to even begin looking, renting in the meantime. If they could get the information they need before moving, a realtor could potentially ease their fears and show them housing long before the actual move.

This benefits the realtor and the buyers. Renting while looking for a house is disruptive to a family because it means moving twice. A realtor can carve out a niche in the online real estate market that will increase leads and sales.

Follow The Leader

The tools available for building a website expand all the time. A Realtor can use these tools to develop a website that enhances the professional reputation while building leads.

– Auto-responders make sure you don’t miss a potential customer by logging visits to the realtor’s website and responding to inquiries immediately

– Audio on the website can add a personal touch so that the customer feels as if they meet the realtor which raises trust level

– Online newsletters can advertise successful sales and offer useful information to potential buyers

– Pictures can present the properties in any detail desired – room by room if the realtor chooses

– Streaming video can offer tours of the homes and the surrounding area

– Online forms collect important information about the buyer and their housing requirements

A well-designed realtor website will generate targeted traffic. If you are not qualified to create the website you need, there are webmasters who can help you design a site that will build business.

Done correctly, the website will pre-sell many of the properties before you even talk to the potential buyers. Be a leader in the real estate cyber world and you will have plenty of followers called leads.

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Interesting Facts About The Electric Fence

The electric fence has been being used for more than one hundred years. Ranchers first started using the electric fence as a way to keep cattle in and keep them from being injured by the fencing material. Barbed wire was the most frequently used cattle fencing before the invention of the electric fence, and barbed wire could be dangerous to the animals.

The electric fence that is widely used today was first created in New Zealand by inventor William Gallagher. In rural locations the use of electric fencing will keep animals inside the perimeters of a pasture, but the signals that operate the fencing also can interrupt radio stations, internet signals, and television reception. When interferences such as these are noticed there is usually a problem with the fence within a mile of the interception problems. When the fence is examined somewhere within a mile there will be a portion of the fence that is having an arc or a spark in the hardware.

Regular maintenance of the fencing can prevent the short circuits that cause interruptions in the reception of radios, televisions, and internet service speeds. Insulators should be frequently checked and replaced when they are bad, and all vegetation growing near the fence should be trimmed so that it cannot touch the fence and cause a short circuit.

Electric fencing is as good at keeping things out of an area as it is at keeping things inside an area. Cattle and horses are often contained with the use of this type of fencing, but these animals are also kept safer because the fencing keeps predators outside.

Many people who raise animals that are often subjected to attack from predators utilize the electric fencing to keep their animals safe. This includes chicken farmers, rabbit farmers, and even the breeding and birthing areas of all farm animals.

This type of fencing can be established outside of a child’s fenced play area to keep wildlife and nuisance animals from penetrating the area where the child will be playing. You want to establish a perimeter fence between the electric one and the area where the child will be playing to safeguard the child.

The use of electricity in hidden fencing is popular for homeowners who want their perimeter to be clean, and yet want their animals to be kept in. Many dog owners use the hidden fencing to keep their pets from leaving a certain area. The fence material is buried beneath the ground. The animal has a collar that they wear to trigger the fencing when they get to near.

When the animal gets within a certain distance from the fencing perimeter their collar will trigger an alarm that stops the dog from crossing the underground fence. If the dog continues forward after they hear the alarm a shock will be administered through their collar. The animal quickly learns to associate the alarm with the pain of the shock and they stop when they hear the alarm sound.

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Where to Find Ultrasound Technician Schools in Ontario, Canada

Ultrasound is a highly successful field all over Canada and it will probably remain this way for a long, long time. However, ultrasound schools in Ontario are few and hard to find. Let me help you find Ultrasound Technician Training in Ontario, Canada and become a part of this successful field. But first, let me answer a few basic questions.

What is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is an imaging technique that uses high-frequency sound waves reflecting off of internal body parts to create images for medical examination.

It is mostly used to check the baby inside the mother before it is born. It is also used to identify pathologies such as gallstones, kidney stones, cancers, hematomas and tumors.

How much do Ultrasound Technicians near Toronto make?

Ultrasound technicians (aka Ultrasonologists) are the people responsible for operating ultrasound machines that create the digital images used to visualize the internal body parts.

Compared to other branches of medicine, this field is not very competitive in Ontario and an Ultrasonologist working in the Toronto Area now earns an average annual salary of $50,572. Half of those in this position would earn between $40,898 and $76,546 (the 17th and 67th percentiles). These numbers are derived from area-specific government survey data.

So as you can see, it is well paying!

Where Do I Find Ultrasound Technician Schools in Ontario?

Well, you have a few options.

1) If you have the money and the required prerequisites, you can choose to go to an established Ultrasound Institute in Ontario, this can take anywhere from 2-3 years. The costs can be around $2000-4000 per year depending on which University to go to. Due to long waiting lists, you may not find entry easily. The only well-known university offering a Post Diploma Ultrasound program in Ontario is Michener Institute.

So what are your alternatives?

2) The other way, and the one that I suggest is learning Ultrasound from an instructor who has experience teaching Ultrasound but is not necessarily working as part of an Institute. Why do I suggest this? Don’t you have to go to a certified institution? The answer, plain and simple is NO.

As long as you have the right skills, many ultrasound clinics will hire you as a „trainee-ultrasonogist“ without requiring any special certification. After working with such clinics for about a year, you will be eligible for writing your ARDMS examination and becoming a licensed ultrasonogist. This process can take as little as 1 year and 4 months of study and as little as $1500 in investment.

Where do I find such an Instructor?

The one that I personally recommend if you are looking for Ultrasound Technician Schools near Toronto is the Mainz Ultrasound Training (located in Mississauga).

UPDATE: Mainz Ultrasound has recently changed their prerequisites to only accept students who already have some ultrasound background.

Why should you choose Mainz Ultrasound? Here’s a few reasons:

1. There are no difficult prerequisites -> Easy admission

2. It is very inexpensive compared to other options

3. The courses are short -> Only 14 weeks to start working in the field

4. It is taught only on weekends -> You can work or study during the week

5. It is taught by an ARDMS certified instructor with 20 years of experience, and almost 1700 successful students.

6. They offer personalized, hands-on, one-on-one training with equipment

7. The classes are small and personalized.

What if I live outside of the Greater Toronto Area?

If you live outside of the GTA, you might want to check out Mohawk College. They have campuses in Hamilton and Brantford, Ontario. Starting fall 2008 and Winter 2009 they have a Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography (also known as Echocardiography) program which will last approximately 54 weeks. You can check out details here []. However just like Michener Institute they have long waiting lists for admission.

You can also look for ads for ultrasound technician schools or tuition in your local newspaper in the classifieds section. If you can’t find a place, I suggest going to an ultrasound clinic and talking to the staff members there and asking where they studied ultrasound. Chances are, they can guide you to the right place.

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8 Important Ways Homeowners Benefit From Using Real Estate Agents

Whether, you are a homeowner, who has decided, it’s time to sell his house, and relocate, or a potential buyer, seeking for the so – called, home of your dreams (the American Dream of home ownership), you will have the choice, of either, doing so, on your own, or using the services of, and being represented by a quality, experienced, professional, real estate agent. Some believe they will get a better deal, when they do so, on their own, because, there will be no, or fewer commissions. However, according to the National Association of Realtors, or NAR, homeowners, generally, net more, even after considering these, than those who do so, alone. Buyers also benefit because the right agent, has the local knowledge, to properly provide you, with relevant, professionally prepared, Competitive Market Analysis (or CMA), so you have a better idea of market value and the competition. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, examine, review, consider, and discuss, 8 important reasons, homeowners benefit from using the right real estate agents, for their specific needs, and situation.

1. Local knowledge: Although markets, and times, change, in the vast number of circumstances, you will get your best offers, in the first few weeks, after it’s listed on the market. Therefore, pricing it right, from the start, often makes the difference, in a significant, major way!

2. Marketing expertise: The right agent, will create a customized, personal marketing plan, which addresses your specific residence and property, location, etc, as well as your priorities, needs, etc. There is no, one – size – fits – all, marketing process, so using a quality real estate professional, often makes a significant difference.

3. Agent’s network: Those who try to sell their house, on their own, often discover, they fail to attract as many potential buyers, as those using a professional. This is referred to, as an agent’s network, which includes the important tool, of listing the property, on the Multiple Listing Service, etc.

4. Hold client’s hand: The process of selling one’s house, is often, a stressful one, so using a professional, who has been through it before, and has a better idea of what to expect and anticipation, eases many of these stresses. Seek someone who patiently, is willing to, hold your hand, through the entire process.

5. Explanations/ expectations/ modifications: Rather than assuming or guessing, wouldn’t it help, to have clear explanations? Many homeowners have excessive or wrong expectations, and the individual, who represents you, must have the inner strength, to explain fully, his reasoning, and strategies. In addition, modifications, in terms of marketing, strategies, and pricing, are necessary, and someone with more experience and expertise, is far better positioned to guide you properly.

6. Convenience: Do you want to have to stick around the house, to show, the property, or wouldn’t it make sense, to hire someone, to do so, professionally? Open – houses, are only a small component in the overall strategy!

7. Negotiating: Professionally negotiating, on your behalf, benefits the client! Wouldn’t a professional, do a better job, in most cases?

8. From transaction stage, through closing: Hire someone who will be there for you, from the initial listing stages, showings, marketing, service, to the transaction stage, and then, until the closing, and house transfer is completed!

These are only 8 of the advantages of hiring the right person to represent your real estate needs. Focus on your needs, interview several, and choose, the right agent, for you!

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In-Ground Pool Closing Accessories – Quick Buyers Guide

In-ground pool closing accessories, in their many different forms, are becoming more and more popular among pool owners as a result of the many benefits they provide. Ranging from pool vacuums and skimmer closures to cover pumps and weatherproof equipment covers, in-ground pool winterizing accessories offer outstanding convenience as well as enhanced winter protection. They do so by eliminating the need for certain steps in the traditional winterization process, by making other steps easier and by adding to the effectiveness of standard pool closing equipment such as winter covers. Consequently, winterizing accessories can be very worthwhile additions to any in-ground pool owner’s list of handy tools.

One of the main purposes of swimming pool winterization is to keep pool water clear so that spring openings are faster and easier, with minimal cleaning effort required. Naturally, the first step in achieving such a goal is to ensure that your pool is clean at the time of closing. In-ground pool closing accessories such as pool vacuum cleaners and products designed to remove leaves from pool bottoms allow pool owners to do just that. Quality pool cleaners will offer easy manoeuvrability as well as powerful suction and will readily remove everything from fine silt to larger debris from a swimming pool. For collecting leaves and other debris from the pool bottom, leaf removal accessories are also great options. These products collect leaves and deposit them in an attached bag, cleaning the pool while preventing the filter from becoming clogged with large debris.

Once your pool is clean and debris-free, it’s time to turn your mind to the possibility of freeze damage. If water enters your pool’s plumbing during the winter, it can freeze inside the lines. Since water expands as it freezes, the ice can exert pressure on and cause damage to the plumbing. However, if you don’t want to be bothered with draining your pool below the skimmer line in order to prevent the above scenario, you can use a variety of closing accessories for in-ground swimming pools. For example, skimmer closures and winter plugs and valves are used to seal off the skimmer and return lines, preventing freeze damage even without lowering the water level. Winterizing accessories for in-ground swimming pools also include skimmer guards, which are placed inside the skimmer housing and absorb the pressure of expanding ice, thereby preventing cracks and other costly damage.

Other methods for protecting your pool’s plumbing and equipment include using closing accessories for in-grounds swimming pools such as non-toxic anti-freeze and weatherproof equipment covers. Non-toxic anti-freeze can be used in pool pipes and plumbing and will prevent lines from freezing, while its non-toxic properties provide the added benefit of safety. Weatherproof pump and heater covers are also in-ground pool closing accessories that many pool owners make use of. Designed to withstand harsh weather, weatherproof equipment covers will protect pumps and heaters from damage that can potentially be caused by moisture and cold temperatures. By providing your equipment with such protection, you will be saving on repair costs and extending the life span of your pump and heater.

In addition to cleaning your pool and protecting its plumbing, one of the most important steps of pool winterization is covering your pool with a winter cover. Winter pool covers prevent leaves and other debris from contaminating the water, keeping the pool clean. However, if your winter cover comes loose, it will not provide adequate protection and may also become damaged, especially during windstorms. Luckily, there are several different in-ground pool winterizing accessories available that will allow you to firmly secure your winter pool cover while also providing your pool with additional protection during the winter months.

For example, water tubes and aqua blocks are both designed to hold down the overlap of winter pool covers, keeping the fabric securely in place. Water tubes are made from rugged, heavy vinyl and can be easily filled with water from a standard garden hose to provide weight. While aqua blocks serve the same purpose as water tubes, they are constructed from high density polyethylene and feature special properties which prevent splitting, cracking and fading. Winter pool cover patch kits are also valuable winterizing accessories for in-ground swimming pools as they allow for quick minor repairs of any tears or damage caused by rodents, falling branches or other scenarios.

Depending on the type of winter cover that you use for your pool, you may end up with accumulated snow or rainwater on the surface of the cover. If this occurs, one of the best in-ground pool winterizing accessories to have on hand is a cover pump. Cover pumps will quickly and conveniently drain any accumulated water off the surface of your winter pool cover, without any difficult or time-consuming work on your part. In other words, cover pumps offer great convenience, as is the case with all of the above listed closing accessories for in-ground swimming pools.

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Top 50 Job Sites Worth Your Time

Your carefully crafted cover letters and resumes are considered worthless if you do not have a clue where to submit them. In the midst of this recession, you might get yourself lost and lose your path to success and these documents you spent so much time perfecting will do nothing but look pretty in the documents file of your computer. However, behind the curtains of the economic depression, there lies wide and broad range of job openings that you can imagine are found conveniently online. So, if you really are tough enough to pursue your dream occupation, here is a list of top 50 job sites and their descriptions.

Entry Level Job Sites:

* After College – this is specifically created for college students and recent graduate students. This is both an employment and internship site that allows seekers to post their resume. This site has a search engine, providing seekers easy access to numerous openings across different states. For more convenience, hopefuls can filter their search by type, area, industry, and type of career. The site also offers information and career advice.

* CollegeGrad – currently, the number 1 entry-level site as it provides search service for college students and recently graduated students. It is probably the only entry-level site that list down the Best in Class Employers, Top Intern Employers and Top Masters Employers. The site also offers job search advice and virtual career fair. Furthermore, it allows resume posting, and internships searching.

* College Recruiter – a site designed for providing entry-level job and career opportunities for college students, recent graduate students and graduates. It also displays part time and full time job listing.

* Raytheon – offers listings and descriptions for the current opportunities. It has jobs section that gives every seeker the chance to look for the perfect work according to their field of interest, location and type choice. It has profile matching and internships and co-ops features to help college students and recent college students have hands-on experience. The site also offers recruiting events specifically for North America.

* The Job Box – This site is open to high school and college aspirants. It brings opportunities from seasonal and part time to entry-level job and internships. Job seekers can search using keywords, category and location. The site includes career news and resources.

International Job Sites:

* – site dedicated to bilingual or multi-lingual job seekers. For the sake of communication, the seekers are required to be at least knowledgeable in the English language. The site also allows applicants to search by location, industry and keywords. In addition, seekers can search by language. This site also provides advice on interviews and resume creation. Job seekers can post their resume here.

* – it is a meta-search site that aims to pull thousands of postings from different places around the world. It compiles together job postings from major boards, top newspapers, professional associations and career centers. Job seekers can browse by title, company, location and keywords.

* – this is one of the mega-meta sites that use simple search interface. From hundreds of job sites and thousands of listings, seekers can simplify their search by searching using keywords and location, and browsing by category. In this site, searchers can learn about job hunting process. The site is also dedicated to providing information about continuing education opportunities.

* Jobs.NET – a site that accommodates applicants across the globe, allowing them to browse through thousand of employments, post confidential online resumes and receive tips and advice about job hunting. Seekers can search by criteria, such as keywords, location, recent postings, salary, position, industry, company size and so on.

* LatPro – this site is dedicated to provide assistance to Hispanic and bilingual professionals. It is a leader in online employment all over the world, giving seekers the opportunity to scan through listings from employers that are pre-screened. It also allows hopefuls to post multiple resume, create email job agent and access career resources.

* – considered one of the oldest career sites online. It has thousands of job listing across the globe. The site includes career advice, relocation services and an auction-style marketplace, perfect for independent professionals.

* – it includes more than 150,000 postings from all over the world. It is one of the free sites with the largest database. Seekers can submit and post their online resumes and check out competition and openings within their location.

* – this is Twitter’s search engine for job seekers twitter users. Applicants can search using keywords. The results are then displayed using tweets.

* Yahoo! HotJobs – considered one of the best resource sites online. It offers search resources for seeking professionals, free of charge. Online users can create their own personalized career management page that provides the necessary tools for fast, convenient and safe search.

General/Diverse Job Sites:

* Best Jobs in the USA Today – this is a site with comprehensive resource. It is integrated with databases, corporate profiles, post resume feature and career resources center.

* CareerBuilder – probably it has the largest diversity of listings. It posts help wanted ads from the leading newspapers today at the same time provides listings and openings from leading employers. As its name implies, the site helps to build a seeker’s career by providing resources such as tips and advice.

* – allows seekers to broaden their search. It has great resources of articles that guide searchers on their hunt. The site is created by The Wall Street Journal.

* – Posting a resume on this site is relatively easy. Also, it brings convenience to seekers searching for job using the Internet. In this site, seekers can find other helpful career and sites online, increasing and widening their options.

* – This site is perfect for ethnic and sexual orientation groups. As a diversity site, searching professionals are allowed to search for jobs by posting recency. In addition, seekers can search by location, type, industry and keywords. Furthermore, seekers are given an option to either sign up or not in the site’s free newsletter. Also, hunters can post their resume here.

* – a site endeavors to provide the freshest listing online. Its database consists only of postings not older than 7 days. The search can be filtered by skills, benefits, location, company and type of job. For matching service, seekers are required to sign up. Post a resume here and get a confidential mailbox.

* – considered as a general job board, this site provides help to applicants searching for openings. The listing can be browsed by state, keyword and function. Also, it is a site dedicated to bring information to seekers.

* Jobfox – utilizes Mutual Suitability System to match seekers to opportunities. This matching sites has an in-depth profile system to be able to learn the seeker’s experience, wants and needs. The opportunities are rated based on how the seeker matches the description. Also, the employers are matched the same way. This site has membership fees.

* JobSimply – a site providing wide range of opportunities from part time and summer jobs to professional and executive jobs. Seekers can look into retail, hospital, restaurant, teenand cruise ship jobs. They can search through industries, locations and keywords. The site also includes resources about career tips and advice.

* Jobzerk – a site that is socially driven, allowing its members to interact and communicate to each other. As a community based site, searchers can publish and share useful information about their search and/or hiring process.

* Juju – this is one of the best sites for finding interesting career resources. In this site, seekers can look into 15 different sites such as CareerCity, CareerMosaic, JobOptions, NationJob and so on. Searches can be quickened using keywords.

* NationJob Network – a search service integrated with thousands of latest listings. It features company profiles and it is incorporated with email job matching service, based on your qualifications and preferences.

* Net-Temps – one of the top sites where seekers can scan thousands of postings and post their resume. The postings include contract, temporary and even permanent jobs. The site is designed with tools and resources, including career enhancement articles.

* – a job-matching site that requires seekers to submit their qualifications and preferences and matches the information provided to the employer’s requirements. Searching professionals can use the listings to search for job by keyword and location.

* – this site has more than 150,000 postings from up to 27,000 employers. Due to its popularity, the site branched out into recruitment. It has insider reports on different companies and it allows seekers to search through multiple criteria, including categories, keywords, experience, location and date posted. The site also has email job matching service.

Local/National/Specific Job Sites:

* Careercast – One of the coolest portals that feature niche and local jobs from all over the United States and Canada. It gives seekers the freedom to choose where they want to live and work. To search for a job, seekers can filter the listing by title, category, and company. There is also an advanced option to better target the right openings for the seekers. Also, the portal gives searchers the opportunity to post their resume.

* – It accommodates US and Canadian seekers from different industries and niche. Job seekers can search for different types of jobs using category, location and keywords. It also accepts resume from applicants and posts them.

* – This is a good option for searching jobs locally on the United States. Currently, the site developed around 56 metropolitan areas listings. As a career site, seekers can post resume and find helpful career advice on this site. And with the integration of localized areas listings, seekers can now look for position in a prospective geographic area.

* – This is ideal for seekers looking for recruiting or hiring professionals such as headhunters, executive search and staffing firms. The applicants can browse into the site’s database with more than 10,000 recruiters. For searching option, seekers can use the company’s name, location and specialty.

* – It is a portal specifically designed for direct employer jobs only. It collects different posts from different corporate career centers of different companies. When approximated, this site probably has at least 2 million of openings information. For email alerts, seekers are required to register.

* – It is considered the largest non-newspaper affiliated job board in Mid-Atlantic, operating in 10 states. The site provides information, discussion and careers. Seekers can browse and search for the job they wanted and they can also post their resume.

* Jobcentral – formed by the alliance of two non-profit associations, this site has an extensive network across US. It provides employment and career opportunities to hopefuls in different industries and category, from entry-level to chief executive position. Seekers can search by company.

* Job Search Shortcuts – providing links to thousands of listing web pages, seekers can browse and search jobs in up to 30 metropolitan areas nationwide. For faster search, searchers are allowed to search by category and by city. This site connects seekers to their prospective employers.

* – it is incorporated with numerous features and benefits for searching professionals. The site allows seekers to view and narrow the listings by state and major city. The members can post different kinds of resume, including audio resume, video resume and portfolio once registered. This site has a membership fee. However, seekers can still use the basic services without a cost.

* myCareerSpace – allows seekers to search by category, region or keywords. It accepts up to five different online resumes for applying online openings. The site is integrated with hunting resources such as career expos, salary, relocation, insurance and so on.

* – it is probably the largest site for searching part time and full time jobs. It is built with career resources and advice and seekers can scan the listing by type, and location. It also has email alert feature upon registration.

* – a free career site, allowing job searching and online resume posting. It has alert feature and career tools for seekers to utilize. Job searches can be done by categories, location, keywords and date posted.

Professional/Niche Job Sites:

* – this is designed specially for technology professionals. It is great career site that provides more than a thousand of openings for professionals. The list can be filtered for search convenience by job type, location and employer. It securely protects confidential profile from seekers, making seekers‘ resume safe from devious minds. Here, searchers can find useful career resources and they can create email job alert.

* USAJOBS – open to seekers looking for information about jobs and employment in the United States Federal Government. The listing can be viewed by keyword, occupation and location. Seekers on this site can post their resume and register for job matching service. The site also has resource and tips for job seekers interested in working at the government.

* – designed specifically for veterans and transitioning military personnel. It also accommodates seekers with relation to a veteran and it allows seekers to post resume online. The openings include all levels and types of jobs. Job seekers can view results by type, keyword and location. The site also includes key resources for veterans.

New Concept Job Sites:

* The Interview Exchange – a job board that rates seekers based on how closely they matched on the position. The job seekers can receive the matching results via email. Also, it permits seekers to post their resume.

* Jobirn: Insider Referral Network – known for its uniqueness, this site has a job board, online interview system and employee referral system, connecting job seekers to employees of their prospective companies. The purpose of the employee referral system is to assist seekers in getting a referral.

* JobShouts! – a site that uses the power of social media. It helps create connections and provides matching results for job seekers. As much as possible, it delivers real time job postings at the same time automated one click searching from different social media networks.

* Jobs in Pods – this is a web 2.0 site. It gives seekers the opportunity to listen to their prospective employer’s jobcast. This includes audio interviews that discuss the company’s culture, benefits and how to and where to apply. The podcast comes with blog post for information and links about employers and

* LiveHire – one of the innovative sites today. Through this site, job seekers can get online interview via webcam. However, seekers need to submit their professional profile first and if employers are interested, they will contact prospective employees via email. This is highly recommended for long-distance job search.

* Simply Hired – Job seekers can be updated when new jobs are listed via email, social media networks, blogs, homepage and even through mobile phone. This is a search engine for searching job listings using keywords. The results will come from multiple resources.

Featured Sites:

* LinkUp – a job search engine with new and unique features. The site has the list of more than 20 thousand jobs from company websites. It is always updated with comprehensive job listing. Job seekers can search by title, keyword, and by location. The site is also built up with WorkSearch, a tool to track how long a jobseeker is searching for a job. It also has Tabs feature where in a job seeker can keep track of his job searches.

* TweetMYJOBS – a job board that provides notification of open positions INSTANTLY via short messaging service. The site tweeted thousands of jobs within a day and at least a million in just a month. This new innovative service brings together recruiters, hiring managers and job seekers. Browse jobs by company or by location.

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Makler Heidelberg

Why Home Sellers Should Use Quality Agents: 6 Factors

When a homeowner decides to sell his home, he must make many decisions, some of which, will, generally, have a major impact, on his results, convenience, degree of hassle/ stress, etc! One of the first and most relevant decisions, is whether or not, to hire an agent, to market and sell his house, rather than attempting to do so himself. Trying to sell a home on his own, is generally referred to, as a FSBO or For Sale, by Owner, and this article, will attempt to briefly examine and discuss, 6 important factors, which should indicate, homeowners might be better served, by hiring the right, real estate agent, for their needs, priorities and concerns.

1. Knowledge of local real estate market: Doesn’t it make sense, a real estate professional, would have more relevant knowledge, about the essence of the local area and market, than an individual homeowner? This knowledge will be helpful, in evaluating the best way to market, the specific property, in order to receive the best possible, available price, in the shortest period of time, with the minimum of hassle! When homes are priced properly from the onset, they sell more quickly, and at a more favorable price, and a qualified, empathetic agent, will be able to guide a homeowner, with insight. One of the objections, some seem to initially have, to hiring an agent, is paying a commission, but, studies by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), consistently indicate, homes sold through agents, net a higher price (even after considering the commission) than a FSBO might!

2. Networking: The more a house is promoted, and, therefore, viewed, the better the chances of it being sold! Real estate agents have a network of other qualified professionals, who are most helpful, in marketing and selling houses!

3. Multiple Listing Service (MLS): Realtors take advantage of the marketing advantages of getting widespread publicity for their properties, offered for sale, as well as using the Multiple Listing Service, so the many local agents, know about, and show their listings. Remember, the more any home is viewed, the better the potential!

4. Negotiations: Quality real estate professionals have the negotiating skills and abilities, to objectively represent and sell, a specific home, and receive the best possible price and terms! Being able to negotiate, objectively, is a major advantage!

5. Compliance: Completing a real estate transaction, and completing the necessary paperwork, in a seamless manner, reduces many of the potential obstacles, challenges and snags, in this process! Realtors have the ability to guide their clients, based on experience and expertise, and bring the parties together, with a meeting of the minds!

6. Impartial eyes: My personal trademarked slogan is, I’ll tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear. It’s often challenging for a homeowner to objectively consider, how to price and position his own house, for effective sale!

These are just, 6 factors, which indicate, some of the advantages, and reasons, to hire a quality, real estate agent. With this in mind, doesn’t it make sense, to interview, and choose, the best professional, to represent you, and serve your needs?

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Zoning in St Croix, US Virgin Islands

Many people are confused about the zoning requirements in St Croix. If you are interested in a development on St Croix, I can provide you with in-depth building and zoning information.

Most residential communities are zoned R-1 or R-2 – which governs the building setback requirements and stipulates the minimum lot size, and percent of coverage. There can be no structure more than two stories on R-1 or R-2 land. Set-back requirements are 15 feet from front, side and rear on R-1 land – and 15 feet in front, 10 feet on the side and rear for R-2. There can be two dwelling units on either R-1 or R-2 land.

The minimum lot area on R-1 land is 1/2 acre; it is 10,000 sq. ft. on R-2 land. When land is in a neighborhood or subdivision that has covenants and restrictions, these „trump“ the zoning requirements. For example, in some neighborhoods, the minimum set- back area is established at 20 feet. So regardless of the zoning of R-1 or R-2, you can not build within twenty feet of the property’s border.

R-3 land is basically for condos and multi-family structures – with 80 residential structures per acre allowed. 30% of the lot can be covered and the structure can be up to six stories high. There are no set-back requirements and the usable open space must be at least 35%. Minimum lot area is 6000 sq. ft.

There are various other zoning districts, each with different requirements and different permitted uses. All our listings in the MLS contain the zoning of the property in question. I have a short „cheat sheet“ for zoning requirements I’m happy to email.

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