In-Ground Pool Closing Accessories – Quick Buyers Guide

In-ground pool closing accessories, in their many different forms, are becoming more and more popular among pool owners as a result of the many benefits they provide. Ranging from pool vacuums and skimmer closures to cover pumps and weatherproof equipment covers, in-ground pool winterizing accessories offer outstanding convenience as well as enhanced winter protection. They do so by eliminating the need for certain steps in the traditional winterization process, by making other steps easier and by adding to the effectiveness of standard pool closing equipment such as winter covers. Consequently, winterizing accessories can be very worthwhile additions to any in-ground pool owner’s list of handy tools.

One of the main purposes of swimming pool winterization is to keep pool water clear so that spring openings are faster and easier, with minimal cleaning effort required. Naturally, the first step in achieving such a goal is to ensure that your pool is clean at the time of closing. In-ground pool closing accessories such as pool vacuum cleaners and products designed to remove leaves from pool bottoms allow pool owners to do just that. Quality pool cleaners will offer easy manoeuvrability as well as powerful suction and will readily remove everything from fine silt to larger debris from a swimming pool. For collecting leaves and other debris from the pool bottom, leaf removal accessories are also great options. These products collect leaves and deposit them in an attached bag, cleaning the pool while preventing the filter from becoming clogged with large debris.

Once your pool is clean and debris-free, it’s time to turn your mind to the possibility of freeze damage. If water enters your pool’s plumbing during the winter, it can freeze inside the lines. Since water expands as it freezes, the ice can exert pressure on and cause damage to the plumbing. However, if you don’t want to be bothered with draining your pool below the skimmer line in order to prevent the above scenario, you can use a variety of closing accessories for in-ground swimming pools. For example, skimmer closures and winter plugs and valves are used to seal off the skimmer and return lines, preventing freeze damage even without lowering the water level. Winterizing accessories for in-ground swimming pools also include skimmer guards, which are placed inside the skimmer housing and absorb the pressure of expanding ice, thereby preventing cracks and other costly damage.

Other methods for protecting your pool’s plumbing and equipment include using closing accessories for in-grounds swimming pools such as non-toxic anti-freeze and weatherproof equipment covers. Non-toxic anti-freeze can be used in pool pipes and plumbing and will prevent lines from freezing, while its non-toxic properties provide the added benefit of safety. Weatherproof pump and heater covers are also in-ground pool closing accessories that many pool owners make use of. Designed to withstand harsh weather, weatherproof equipment covers will protect pumps and heaters from damage that can potentially be caused by moisture and cold temperatures. By providing your equipment with such protection, you will be saving on repair costs and extending the life span of your pump and heater.

In addition to cleaning your pool and protecting its plumbing, one of the most important steps of pool winterization is covering your pool with a winter cover. Winter pool covers prevent leaves and other debris from contaminating the water, keeping the pool clean. However, if your winter cover comes loose, it will not provide adequate protection and may also become damaged, especially during windstorms. Luckily, there are several different in-ground pool winterizing accessories available that will allow you to firmly secure your winter pool cover while also providing your pool with additional protection during the winter months.

For example, water tubes and aqua blocks are both designed to hold down the overlap of winter pool covers, keeping the fabric securely in place. Water tubes are made from rugged, heavy vinyl and can be easily filled with water from a standard garden hose to provide weight. While aqua blocks serve the same purpose as water tubes, they are constructed from high density polyethylene and feature special properties which prevent splitting, cracking and fading. Winter pool cover patch kits are also valuable winterizing accessories for in-ground swimming pools as they allow for quick minor repairs of any tears or damage caused by rodents, falling branches or other scenarios.

Depending on the type of winter cover that you use for your pool, you may end up with accumulated snow or rainwater on the surface of the cover. If this occurs, one of the best in-ground pool winterizing accessories to have on hand is a cover pump. Cover pumps will quickly and conveniently drain any accumulated water off the surface of your winter pool cover, without any difficult or time-consuming work on your part. In other words, cover pumps offer great convenience, as is the case with all of the above listed closing accessories for in-ground swimming pools.

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