Cool and Useful Appreciation Gifts To Give During The Pandemic

Since March the majority of employees that can, have been working from home. While it might have been convenient at the beginning, it soon became tiresome. In the past the daily interaction with fellow employees served to connect people and keep a team spirit.

Zoom meetings just don’t cut it. Employees need to feel appreciated to stay motivated especially when they are secluded in their houses. Customers that you used to drop in on, or take to lunch are also being secluded in their homes. More and more people just search on the internet for things. Loyalties are being stretched. People just order online, and if not happy return the item and move on to the next supplier. How do you keep your customer loyal and engaged?

Here is where promotional items that are fun and useful will make an impact. A great site for ideas is It gives you unique items and appreciated items. Clothes that are comfortable with your logo on it would be appreciated. Think about a cozy sweatshirt or sweatpants as they live in their house. Add a funny or heartfelt design or slogan about the pandemic for more value. Personalize it for even more value. Everybody likes a cool tech item or item for their workspace. Everyone is wearing masks but they hate the smell! How about a safe and effective spray to put on the outside of the mask that is an essential oil with the scent of the beach, Roses, Margaritas, Cotton Candy,… These items will be appreciated, kept and bring a favourable impression to your company. How about a tiny item called a Crumbee that is branded with your logo. The item battery operated is like a mini vacuum that sucks up all the dirt and crumbs on your laptop, keyboard and desk. How about a squishy soft stress ball. Who isn’t stressed these day. Again brand it and stay on the desk of your employee or customer. Everyone is now concerned with germs, this will be the case going forward. How about an item that can get rid of the germs on your cell phone, mask, keys or remote controls? Again with your branding it’s an item that will rest with the person for years and be appreciated.

If you need help thinking about an item, drop me an email at

The thing to remember is that with the vaccines this pandemic will eventually end and we want to keep our customers and employees going forward.

Good Luck and Stay Safe

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