Beware of the Staged Home When Buying

Buyers beware of the staged home. This is not to say that staging a home doesn’t help sell a house or that sellers shouldn’t stage their home. Buyers should use caution when shopping a staged house or a house that is still being lived in. The excitement can be overwhelming when you find a home you love. Looking past the „love at first site“ though difficult should be done.

When touring a house, don’t be afraid to move things. If you are buying something as expensive as a house, you should know exactly what you are getting. Look behind the curtains and furniture to make sure there was not a last minute botch paint job. Make sure a piece of furniture has not been strategically placed to cover a large whole, pipe or anything that could be a potential time consuming or expensive problem once you have moved in. This is not the only thing to be concerned about when touring a potential home.

Don’t assume the seller will be taking everything with them. If you don’t ask their realtor or home owner themselves if they plan to leave anything behind, you could be stuck moving a hefty piece of furniture or appliance out of the house yourself. On the flip side, if you wish to keep an appliance in the house and the seller agrees, get it in writing.

During the tour or negotiations, make sure to ensure that all the appliances you plan to keep are in working condition. You don’t have to bring over your dirty laundry to clean at the potential home. However, do briefly check to make sure the appliances turn on and off and run properly.

Apart from the obvious home buying tips like, don’t fall for the first house you see. Taking a few moments to ask simple questions, look behind the curtains and furniture and testing the appliances could save you time, money and stress when you move into your home.

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