A Buyer’s Guide to Contemporary White Sleigh Beds

The bedroom is an important part of your home that requires much consideration while designing and renovating the interiors. This is where you spend a considerable part of your time, relaxing after a tiring day. Hence, your bedroom should exude comfort, plush and opulence. Let your creative spirits go free and design the bedroom of your dreams with full size white sleigh beds, matching with your interiors. To transform your private space into a warm and cozy place, you will need to weigh your options and buy just the right furniture and bed sets.

When you are seeking ultimate comfort and luxury in a stylish way, opt for the white sleigh beds for your bedroom. These bedroom sets are not only classy looking, but also traditional. These beds are usually made of mahogany, cherry, oak or hardwood for strength. First-rate construction is their most special feature. Some of the other unique features of the sleigh beds include:

  • LS metal brackets and a bar in the centre for support
  • The legs are made of solid wood for support
  • They mostly have maple feet
  • They have a traditional look
  • The entire bed is covered with white colored twill fabric
  • They also consist of padded foam having high density

The Santa Barbara Sleigh has a slightly low profile than the normal bed sets available in the market. They are basically made of tropical mindi wood that is kiln dried. It boasts a sable finish. The metal fittings provide a high level of durability and stability.

Isabella white sleigh beds are the perfect choice for little girls. It comes with exciting floral patterns and cute white carvings, making it look very girlish. These beds are not only comfortable but also provide a heavenly look to the room. You can also get the optional nightstand to go with it.

Brookland Sleigh is a yet another popular collection of white sleigh beds. They boast a modern look lulled with luxury and style. These beds are usually made of hardwood, and are perfectly covered with stylish brown leather cover for better comfort.

Annabelle Sleigh is the perfect choice for people who sport a contemporary taste. They are made of iron material and exhibit a very sleek and stylish look. They are perfectly suited for small sized rooms to make it look spacious.

The sleigh beds are usually made of Mahogany wood, which makes them hard and bug proof. While choosing your bed, it is always crucial to make the right choice of woods and the natural wood finishes.

You can also purchase several decorative items such as white bedding, night stands, a traditional canopy, and privacy drapes. You can decorate your bed with several images and patterns to make it look more attractive.

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