4 Main Objectives Of Most Home Sellers

Let’s begin this article, by agreeing, no two homeowners, considering selling their homes, are exactly the same, nor necessarily possess precisely the same motives and reasons. However, it might be helpful, if we realized, most homeowners find the process of selling their houses, and relocating, to be a somewhat tense, emotional, stressful period. Perhaps, identifying the four major reasons people sell, and looking at their objectives/ goals, might be a beneficial one, because it will help create more empathetic real estate agents, who focus not only on the technical aspects of the transaction, including marketing, promotion, etc, but on the client’s needs, concerns, and priorities, as well. Here are 4 main objectives, it has been found, most home sellers, possess.

1. Best possible price: Obviously, most people would want to end up, with the highest possible price, when selling their house. However, there is more to this, than simply a number. Some of these factors to consider, when comparing offers, include: 1) Will it comp – out? Since most people buy homes with mortgages, an offer which far exceeds, the appraisal from the lender, will often create a deal – breaker!; b) What are the terms? Is this a true all – cash deal? An all – cash deal can either be; all – cash; or simply, no mortgage contingency!; c) What will be the downpayment? Obviously, the greater the downpayment, the better the chance of the deal going smoothly; d) Are they pre- qualified or pre – approved? The difference is the first means, based on merely the preliminary information provided, the applicant will be approved, while the latter means the applicant is approved for a mortgage up to a certain dollar amount, as long as the house also qualifies.

2. Shortest reasonable period of time: Recognize the opportunity cost of money. Every month extra it takes will mean the homeowner will have to continue to pay taxes, utilities, his mortgage, overhead, etc. Doesn’t it make sense to agree to a shortest – possible wait, for the closing date?

3. Least hassle: Hire a real estate agent, who informs you, every step along the way, and holds your hand, throughout! Have the possibilities and ramifications explained to you, so you are ready and prepared, because less uncertainty, usually equals less hassle!

4. Successful transaction: Remember, it doesn’t count, until it closes! What steps will your agent take, and have you take, to assure, as smooth a transaction period, as possible?

Some homeowners primarily care about one of these, while others care deeply about several. The more you know, and the better you prepare, the better the end – result!

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